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KJ Ingredients Inc. specializes in providing flexibility with a vast range of all-natural ingredients to deliver high-end customer support with robust supply chain options. With headquarters in Edison, New Jersey, we are spearheading the exclusive marketing and distributing industry.

We preserve the streak to develop lasting relationships with ingredient manufacturers and wholesale ingredient suppliers in China, Thailand, and the rest of the world, keeping the highest levels of quality, food security, and trust of our clients intact.

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Our service is dedicated to providing multipurpose ingredients for early life nutrition, dairy, baking, medical usage, and sports food nutrition. From citric acid to sodium citrate to vitamins and sweetener and many others, KJ Ingredients adheres to the notion of fulfilling your needs with a comprehensive range of unique substances that are usually hard to source. Our functional and wholesome natural product line is aimed to integrate health-boosting freshness and add value to the lives of our customers. With every product we offer, we step closer to perfection at serving you with competitively priced quality goods and excellent services.

KJ Ingredients maintains multiple distribution facilities in strategic locations all across the US and deploy effective logistics to transport your orders safely and as per your requirements.

We source each product with your nutritional requirements in view, making it the right choice for you with uncompromised quality, pleasant customer care service, and exceptional technical support. KJ Ingredients places emphasis on quality, excellence, and versatility.

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Being the leading food ingredient distributors in the US, we keep a customer-first approach, touching all the main points of exceptional customer service from start to the end. We thrive by the mission to satisfy both sides of the relationships we have with our partners and customers.

KJ Ingredients aims to build loyalty that succeeds in a synergetic association that brings together our business and collective model to identify how to get you value and center our attention to providing an exceptional consumer experience.


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KJ Ingredients relies on its attitude towards growth and prospect, given its approach toward positively impacting the natural food ingredient customers and their lives so their health sustains in a safe and secure environment.

With integrity, openness, honesty, and persistence, we strive to improve the quality of life to achieve a comprehensive and accessible marketplace for natural and organic ingredients. That’s why we give you every reason to choose us with trust, dedication, consistent quality, and for on-time delivery of your preferred items. No matter where you are in the US, we are ready to commit 100% until you are satisfied with the product you have in hand. For you, KJ Ingredients goes the extra mile!

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