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Affordable Natural And Synthetic Food Chemicals

We leave no stone unturned in providing exceptional and affordable natural and synthetic food chemicals to our valued customers. Since we are a leading marketing company and distributor of top-notch quality food ingredients, we spread our roots from Edison, New York to China, Thailand, and throughout the world. KJ Ingredients prides itself on enhancing our product lines by satisfying our client’s requirements.

We provide the best natural and synthetic food chemicals that can enhance your food quality and provide maximum protection from any spoilage and contamination. They increase the food shelf life letting you enjoy the product for an extended period, with no change in its flavor, color, or even texture.

We believe in adding consumer appeal by offering uniquely produced chemical products, such as xylitol sweetener, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Phosphates, best sweeteners, and preservatives among others. Like our relationships, our chemicals serve long shelf-life and keep the freshness of your food intact.

What To Expect From Us?

We realize the significance of adding the correct food ingredients to your diet for better health.

Our natural and synthetic food chemicals are produced to improve the overall food quality as well as its appearance, maintaining its nutritional value.

By using our affordable synthetic food chemicals, you protect your food from harmful microbes and other microorganisms that may lead to spoilage.

Our chemicals and food preservatives play a vital role in preserving your food, allowing you to consume them for weeks and even months. Make your food desirable, tastier, and nutritious, keeping its freshness with our affordable food-grade chemical products.

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